Computer Tricks to Make Your Day Productive

If you are someone who spends most of your time working on the computer and gets bored with the everyday looks and feel of the system, then it is high time you change the looks that with some fresh applications, web browser extensions, and some useful tricks. The following are some of the ideas you could try to make the working time on computer interesting.

Clean Up The Desktop
The desktop acts as a temporary storage place where we store the regularly used files. As time goes, it becomes cluttered, and the screen becomes filled with files and documents. Make use of desktop organizing applications to keep all your most used files in one place. This helps to clear the clutter and make the desktop look refreshing.

Exciting Home Screen
Change the home screen with appealing, unique applications such as weather forecasts with animation or try retro clock as screen savers.

Create Shortcuts
Instead of going through the same menu again and again to access applications, creating shortcuts could help you to save time.

Make Internet Browsing Efficient
If you spend a lot of time on browsing, try using web browser tab extensions. Limitless Chrome Extension helps you to work by keeping important notes, easy access to the websites that you often use, with wallpaper backgrounds, and motivational quotes. Or else, there are various web browsers such as “Tab for a Cause”; each time when you browse 1/10 amount is going to the charity that you choose.

Avoid Distractions
While working on computers, we might get carried away with distractions like Facebook feeds, news articles, advertisements, etc. Try the application SocialFix to monitor your Facebook feeds, “Pocket” application to save the items which want to go through later so that you don’t have to click on the link that could take you away from your task.

Respond to Important Messages
If you don’t want to be distracted by using your phones for texting or emails, bring them all to the desktop by using the application, Franz. It merges all your messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangout, Skype all into one place. Franz allows having multiple accounts for the same app so that you could access both personal and work accounts in the same place but separately and could respond to them easily.

Battery Management
To have more control over your battery, download Battery Care for Windows and Fruit Juice for Mac. These applications help you to monitor and alerts you about the usage of the battery.
Merging Data in Clouds
To access all the cloud data in one place, try a web service like “Otixo.” Otixo allows you to sync all your data stored in Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Onedrive, etc. in one safe place. By quickly searching for the required data across the storage applications, retrieving a file is made easy and quick. It is also easy to copy and move the files between the various applications within the service.
These applications would be helpful to save a lot of time while working in computers.